Yvonne, the Indomitable Alpine Cow

Publisher: Kastaniotis Editions

ISBN: 978-960-03-6559-7

Illustr.: Lila Kalogeri

Pages: 32, hardcover

Year of Publication: 2019


What happens when a cow, who had every reason to spend her days happily grazing, realizes that her end is near? She jumps over the fence, runs around the meadows, turns the village upside down, hides in the woods and refuses to emerge. The incredible story of Yvonne, a cow from Bavaria, who upset the entire region in 2011 for months until she was left in peace.

The series “Unexpected Friends” is aimed at preschool and early-grade school children. The stories are based on actual feats of heroism, faith and devotion on the part of animals. Each book contains an addendum describing events as they happened, as well as basic knowledge with regard to each story.


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