Unworthy Idol

Publisher: Nomiki Bibliothiki

ISBN: 978-960-562-386-9

Illustr.: Thanassis Petrou

Pages: 112, softcover

Year of Publication: 2015

For two youngsters, nineteen- year- old Manthos, the pride of the soccer team, and his brother thirteen-year-old Elias, a high school student, soccer is their life, and they try hard to make their dreams come true in a small rural town. Along the way, they gain a lot of negative experiences and encounter the dark side of soccer, such as violence on the soccer field, manipulated soccer games, doping substances, racism, and prejudice. In a world they had no idea that it ever existed,  they gradually lose their innocence. And, besides their innocence, friendships, acquaintances and relationships get destroyed, as well.

The novel “Unworthy Idol” sheds light on the dark side of soccer and deals openly and frankly with this issue. It is about that side of soccer that may start with dreams but can end up in despair, and that must get abolished forever. Because, above all, soccer is an exciting and thrilling game. It is a festival that should bring nothing but joy to everyone. Furthermore, soccer is a team sport where fair play and obedience of rules are also very important.


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