My Own Kingdom


Publisher: Kastaniotis Editions

ISBN: 978-960-03-6950-2

Illustr.: Lila Kalogeri

Pages: 144, softcover

Year of Publication: 2022


Emily Fuller was living happily with her father and two brothers. She would go to school, play with animals, and dream. She was dreaming of becoming a princess. But due to this fact, both the children at school and the neighbours would make fun of her.

When her wish came true, everyone stopped making fun of her.  But she also stopped living a happy and innocent life.

Because something very dangerous appeared; something that the little girl had never seen before, and neither had her family: people’s true character.

And the more she tried to enjoy what she called “my own kingdom”, the more some other people tried to make it theirs.

This is an adventure novel with lots of humour and suspense that may not be as… surreal as you think.