Avra, the Horse that Won the Olympic Games

Publisher: Kastaniotis Editions

ISBN: 978-960-03-6308-1

Illustr.: Lila Kalogeri

Pages: 32, hardcover

Year of Publication: 2018


An incredible story of perseverance and courage that happened during the 67th Olympic Games of antiquity, in 512 BC. Avra, a horse who, together with her owner, participated in the horse race representing Corinth, managed to complete the race without her rider. The townspeople honored this heroic animal and talked about it for many generations to come.

The series “Unexpected Friends” is aimed at preschool and early-grade school children. The stories are based on actual feats of heroism, faith and devotion on the part of animals. Each book contains an addendum describing events as they happened, as well as basic knowledge with regard to each story.


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